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At Aecis Group, we believe in providing high quality solutions for our customers’ wants and needs.  In a rapidly changing world with saturated markets, we believe in creating value for the consumer through understanding their requirements and how we can better deliver solutions through design excellence, operational effectiveness and close collaboration with our partners.



Mary Shi

Co-Founder and President

Mary Shi is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Aecis Group.  With a wealth of experience in project management, Mary brings her proven track record of fostering client relationships and leading effective teams to success.  When she isn't applying Lean principles to business operations, Mary enjoys hiking and being outdoors.

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Jessica Bernardo

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Jessica Bernardo is co-founder of Aecis Group and has a passion for design and marketing.  With her ability to recognise emerging trends, she converts them into creative concepts from branding to product design.  In her spare time, Jessica can be found salsa dancing or trying new dance styles.


To provide high-quality solutions for modern day problems that improve the everyday lives of our customers.



We cultivate positive business relationships with our consumers and partners to drive success.  Through working together, we find opportunities and overcome obstacles.


We are honest, respectful, fair and maintain high ethical standards.


Continuous Improvement

We constantly seek ways to improve the way we do things.

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